The Sorcerer

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Production Team

Director Alison Cooper
Musical Director Ian Stone
Stage Manager Angela Terribile/Stephen Tickell
Lighting David Ames
Properties Alison Cooper, Angela Terribile
Front of House Peter Roberts
Set Design Alison Cooper
Set construction

Stephen Tickell, Martin Bryant, Julian Warner-Edney,
Robert Allwright, Virginia King

Set painting Sarah Esser, David Brown, Mary Grove, Pam Patch
Poster Design Alison Cooper, Georgina Bomer
Make-Up Julie Bickerdike
Wardrobe Alison Cooper
Box Office Linda Slater
Photos Tony Walters
Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre Peter Grove
Alexis Pointdextre his son Neil Williams
Dr Daly David Brown
Notary Jane Johnson
John Wellington Wells Peter Thomas
Lady Sangazure Pam Patch
Aline Sangazure her daughter Jenny Clarke
Mrs Partlet Sarah Esser
Constance Partlet her daughter Linda Slater
Deaf Old Man John Mole
Bell Ringers Jo Oliphant, Bernard Hawkins,
Barbara Hawkins, Alison Higgins
Villagers Robert Allwright, Julie Bickerdike, Martin Bryant,
Barbara Garton, Mary Grove, Brenda Judd,
Virginia King,Milos Machacek, Olivia Thompson,
Stephen Tickell, Dianne Walters, Julian Warner-Edney


Cinderella and The Zoo

NODA Review by John W Barnes

Production Team

Directors Gini King and Alison Cooper
Musical Director Ian Stone
Stage Manager Stephen Tickell
Lighting David Ames
Properties Alison Cooper, Angela Terribile, Gini King
Front of House Julie Bickerdike
Set Design (The Zoo) Alison Cooper
Set construction

Stephen Tickell, Neil Williams, Julian Warner-Edney,
Milos Machacek

Set painting Alison and Brian Cooper
Poster and Programme Design Alison Cooper, Gini King, Georgina Bomer
Make-Up Julie Bickerdike
Wardrobe Alison Cooper
Box Office Linda Slater
Photos Brenda Judd
Cast (The Zoo)
Eliza Smith Linda Slater
Laetitia Grinder Diana Barnsley
Thomas Brown David Longes
Mrs Grinder Sarah Esser
Mr Grinder Peter Grove
Aesculapius Carboy Peter Thomas
The Great British Public Martin Bryant, Barbara Garton, Mary Grove, Jane Johnson,Brenda Judd, Margaret Longes, Milos Machacek, Sue Rogerson, Ann Staddon, Olivia Thompson, Stephen Tickell, Julian Warner-Edney
Cast (Cinderella)  
Cinderella Julie Bickerdike
Sammy the cat Neil Williams
Buttons Stephen Tickell
Cystitis Linda Slater
Hernia Jane Johnson
Herald Darren Flashman
Prince Charming Jane Seymour
Fairy Godmother Fiona Radford
Prompt Barbara Garton
Stage Manager Julian Warner-Edney

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The Beggar's Opera

Performances 12-15 November 2014

Director Alison Cooper
Musical Director . Ian Stone

The Beggar's Opera thrusts cast and audience into the world of thieves, highwaymen,"ladies of the night" and Newgate prison's darkest corners in this satirical ballad opera written in 1728 by John Gay. Music was specially arranged for this performance by Ian Stone, who also provided an overture.


The beggar David Longes
Mr Peachum Trevor Allen
Mrs Peachum Sarah Haswell
Macheath Peter Thomas
Polly Lorraine Lawrence
Lucy Linda Slater
Filch Stuart Finlayson
Lockit Colin Bousfield
Matt of the Mint Neil Williams
Mrs Trapes Virginia King
Jenny Diver Diane Mayall
Mrs Coaxer Fiona Thompson
Ladies of the town Julie Bickerdike, Jane Johnson, Brenda Judd, Margaret Longes, Sue Rogerson
Ladies Myra Gillies, Pam Patch, Ann Staddon
Gentlemen of the Road Milos Machacek, Stephen Tickell, Julian Warner-Edney
Stage Manager Martin Allitt
Lighting David Ames
Front of House Gini King, Julie Bickerdike
Bar/Programmes Maxine Dye, Diane Fitchett, Sarah Hellard, Linda King, Rosemary Leach, David Lynch, Debbie and Adrian Martin, Fiona Radford, Richard Rogerson, Jane Sillett, Sheila Stapes, Olivia Thompson, Shirley Trower, Kathy and Roger Wilman, Kevin Wood
Set Design Alison Cooper
Construction Martin Allitt, Stephen Tickell, Julian Warner-Edney, Brian Cooper, Vivienne Williams, Monty Williams
Costumes Alison Cooper, Angela Terribile
Make-Up Julie Bickerdike
Photos Mick Mercer, Julie Bickerdike

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The Rats & Strictly Sex Factor

Performances 15-17 May 2014

Director Virginia King
Stage Manager Martin Allitt
Sound and Lighting . David Ames
Front of House Julie Bickerdike, Olivia Thompson
Set Design and Construction Martin Allitt, Stephen Tickell
Set Painting Virginia King, Yvonne Featherstone
Make-up Julie Bickerdike
Costumes Alison Cooper


The Rats, by Agatha Christie

Sandra and David think they've been invited to a party in a London flat, but they find themselves alone there. Somebody knows about their affair, and someone has locked them in...

Sandra Grey Yvonne Featherstone
Jennifer Brice Julie Bickerdike
David Forrester Clive Bordoli
Alec Henbury Stephen Tickell


Photos by Mick Mercer - click for full-size image

Little Grimley presents Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice)

By David Tristram

The Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society is faced with yet another threat to its very existence. Reality TV shows have ravaged their Saturday night audiences, which in their hey-day used to occasionally reach double figures. Never one to take these things lying down, Chairman Gordon has devised a cunning plan…

Margaret Annie Walker
Joyce Sylvie Beckett
Bernard Julian Warner-Edney
Gordon Stephen Tickell


Photos by Mick Mercer - click for full-size image


Past productions

1936    Ghost Train

1937    Patience; Service

1938    The Mikado; Tilly of Bloomsbury

1939    Iolanthe

1940    Patience

1946    Cuckoo in the Nest

1947    The Pirates of Penzance; Nothing but the Truth

1948    The Mikado; The Fourth Wall

1949    Rookery Nook; Ruddigore; The Middle Watch

1950    The Yeomen of the Guard; Distinguished Gathering

1951    H.M.S. Pinafore; *Five at the George; Soldier for Christmas

1952    *A Bride in Samaria; Ruddigore; Dear Octopus

1953    *Festival Day; The Mikado; Here We Come Gathering

1954    *Birds of Passage; The Sorcerer; Well Caught

1955    *The Roving Woman; Patience: The Late Christopher Bean

1956    *Act II, The Late Christopher Bean; Trial by Jury & The Pirates of Penzance; A Cuckoo in the Nest

1957    Iolanthe; This Happy Breed

1958    *The Last Victory; Utopia Ltd; Waiting for Gillian

1959    +*Mr Sampson; The Gondoliers; Bonaventure

1960    *The Merry Wives of Windsor; Princess Ida; Sailor Beware

1961    *Nicodemus; Bastien & Bastienne and The Conspiritors; The Chiltern Hundreds

1962    *The Price of Perfection; H.M.S. Pinafore; Blithe Spirit

1963    *Love on a Matchstick Spent; The Sorcerer; Dolphins Rampant

1964    *The Sky is Overcast; Cox & Box and Trial By Jury; The Importance of Being Earnest

1965    *Private Lives; The Yeomen of the Guard; The Shop at Sly Corner

1966    *Act II, The Importance of Being Earnest; The Mikado; Trelawney of the Wells

1967    *Act I, Trelawney of the Wells; Ruddigore; See How They Run; Quiet Week-End

1968    *Fumed Oak; Patience; Breath of Spring

1969    *A Resounding Tinkle; The Gondoliers; The Apple Cart

1970    *Hands Across the Sea; Iolanthe; The Noble Spaniard

1971    *Act 1, The Family Reunion; The Sorcerer; The Blue Goose

1972    *The Crimson Coconut; The Mikado; The Rape of the Belt

1973    *Boy Dudgeon; The Grand Duke

1974     *Act 1,The Lady's not for Burning; Pirates of Penzance; The Life of Hercules, Page 1 & The Real Inspector Hound

1975    *Sganarelle; HMS Pinafore

1976     *Act 1 The Life and Death of Almost Everybody; Patience

1977     Utopia Limited, *The White Liars

1978    *The Hole; Ruddigore ; How the Other Half Loves

1979    *A Resounding Tinkle; The Yeomen of the Guard; Murder in Company

1980    *+A Phoenix Too Frequent; The Gondoliers; Ring Round the Moon

1981    *The Tinker’s Wedding; Iolanthe; Everything in the Garden

1982    *Sophocles; The Mikado; Hay Fever

1983    * Festival Nightmare; Sleeping Beauty; Princess Ida; The Ghost Train

1984    Beauty and the Beast; HMS Pinafore; The Murder of Maria Marten

1985    The Proposal; Trial by Jury & The Sorcerer; Barefoot in the Park

1986    *The Public Eye; The Gondoliers; Jubilee Concert; Salad Days

1987    The Pirates of Penzance; The Day after the Fair

1988    Free as Air; A Pack of Lies

1989    Patience; Absent Friends

1990    The Gypsy Baron; The White Sheep of the Family

1991    Jack the Ripper; A Musical Evening with BODS

1992    The Yeomen of the Guard; Too Long an Autumn; Present Laughter; Carol Concert

1993    Iolanthe; Steel Magnolias

1994    The Red and Black Revue; Trial by Jury- the Full Story; Separate Tables;Christmas Concert

1995    All That Jazz; Just Between Ourselves

1996    Separate Tables; Cold Comfort Farm; The Constant Wife; Jubilee Concert

1997    BODS in May; The Enquiry

1998    Aspects of Love; My Fair Lady; Joining the Club & Last Tango in Little Grimley; Olde Tyme Music Hall

1999    Last Panto in Little Grimley & Brenton v Brenton; The Story of Gilbert & Sullivan; An Inspector Calls; The Great British Musical

2000    Dead Nice; Interior Designs; Patience

2001    No, No, Nanette!; The Cemetary Club

2002    Olde Tyme Music Hall; Ruddygore

2003    HMS Pinafore (incorporating Trial by Jury);Move Over, Mrs. Markham; Olde Tyme Music Hall

2004    The Mikado (or the Bank of Titipu); Blithe Spirit

2005    Christopher Columbus; 50's Showtime

2006    The Pirates of Penzance (ou Les Pirates de Mont St Michel); Round and Round the Garden

2007    The Merry Widow; Don’t Dress for Dinner

2008    The Gondoliers; Fish Out of Water

2009    Viva Mexico!

2010    Beauty & the Beast; Don’t Mention the Dream & Work in Progress, Iolanthe

2011    Betchworth Remembers, Santa in Space

2013    The Sorcerer, The Zoo and Cinderella

2014    The Rats & Little Grimley presents Strictly Sex Factor, The Beggar's Opera

2015    Connections and Yeomen of the Guard

2016    Mixed Doubles and Silas Marner the Musical

2017   A Handful of Plays, Patience

2018 The 39 Steps, Thespis

2019 The Merry Widow

* = Festival Entry

+ = Category Winner