Yeomen - parts still available

Following auditions on 23rd June, most of the principal roles have been cast as follows, but we still need more people, particularly for the chorus.

Sergeant Meryll Trevor Allen
Leonard  Lloyd Walsh
Dame Carruthers Brenda Judd
Wilfred Colin Bousfield
Phoebe Jane Johnson
Lieutenant Peter Grove
Elsie Selena Hegarty
Jack Point David Longes
Fairfax Neil Williams
Kate Carolyn Burnley
1st Yeoman Stephen Tickell
2nd Yeoman  
There is plenty for the chorus to do, as they are on stage for much of the action, and the score is moderately challenging. If you would like to know more please contact the director Virginia King (07909 964607), or come along to our rehearsals on Tuesdays in the back room of the Memorial Hall. Note that there will not be any rehearsals in August