Cinderella and The Zoo

NODA Review by John W Barnes

Production Team

Directors Gini King and Alison Cooper
Musical Director Ian Stone
Stage Manager Stephen Tickell
Lighting David Ames
Properties Alison Cooper, Angela Terribile, Gini King
Front of House Julie Bickerdike
Set Design (The Zoo) Alison Cooper
Set construction

Stephen Tickell, Neil Williams, Julian Warner-Edney,
Milos Machacek

Set painting Alison and Brian Cooper
Poster and Programme Design Alison Cooper, Gini King, Georgina Bomer
Make-Up Julie Bickerdike
Wardrobe Alison Cooper
Box Office Linda Slater
Photos Brenda Judd
Cast (The Zoo)
Eliza Smith Linda Slater
Laetitia Grinder Diana Barnsley
Thomas Brown David Longes
Mrs Grinder Sarah Esser
Mr Grinder Peter Grove
Aesculapius Carboy Peter Thomas
The Great British Public Martin Bryant, Barbara Garton, Mary Grove, Jane Johnson,Brenda Judd, Margaret Longes, Milos Machacek, Sue Rogerson, Ann Staddon, Olivia Thompson, Stephen Tickell, Julian Warner-Edney
Cast (Cinderella)  
Cinderella Julie Bickerdike
Sammy the cat Neil Williams
Buttons Stephen Tickell
Cystitis Linda Slater
Hernia Jane Johnson
Herald Darren Flashman
Prince Charming Jane Seymour
Fairy Godmother Fiona Radford
Prompt Barbara Garton
Stage Manager Julian Warner-Edney

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