Performances 14-16 May, Betchworth Memorial Hall

A varied programme of music and drama pieces, linked together with some connections that are obvious, and some more subtle. Classic numbers from the musicals are combined with modern songs, and the evening includes a short play Ransom by local writer Barry Lambert. Set in 1967, businessman Laurence Benson has been kidnapped by a gang planning to extort money from his family, but events take an unexpected turn...

Director Virginia King
Musical Director Ian Stone
Cast (Musical)  
Alison Cooper Stuart Finlayson
Sarah Haswell Jane Johnson
Diane Mayall Pam Patch
Fiona Radford Francis Radford
Jane Seymour Stephen Tickell
Julian Warner-Edney  Chris Whitebread
Claire Padbury  
Cast (Ransom)  
Fran Diane Mayall
Laurence Benson Stephen Tickell
Ted Ridley Francis Radford
Hicks Julian Warner-Edney
Amelia Benson Fiona Radford
Adam Benson Stuart Finlayson
Jacqueline Caldecott Jane Seymour
Lighting and Sound David Ames