Silas Marner

Director: Alison Cooper
Musical Director: Ian Stone
Performances: 9-12 November 2016

A unique new musical by Storm Productions, adapted from the original Victorian novel by George Eliot. Set in the early 19th century, it tells of the falsely accused weaver Silas, who, rejected by his fiancée and outcast by his religious fellowship, leads a solitary existence driven by his work and the accumulation of gold which becomes his only solace. The unexpected father/daughter relationship which develops between Silas and an abandoned child brings joy, friendship and respect back into his life. In the musical the story is retold in the late 19th century by a landlady and her son, to a traveller who has taken shelter at the inn.

This is a fairly dark tale but with an underlying theme of hope and redemption in a vivid portrayal of a sheltered rural community and its suspicion and mistrust of the unfamiliar.

Written by Phil Ryan and David Ford, with additional music by Denny Bertin

Cast (in order of appearance)

Traveller Roger Wilman
Tom Stuart Finlayson
Landlady Sarah Haswell
Silas Peter Thomas
Sarah Julie Bickerdike
Preacher David Longes
William Dane Stephen Tickell
Landlord Colin Bousfield
Dunsey Cass Julian Warner-Edney
Godfrey Cass Neil Mayall
Molly Lorraine Lawrence
Dolly Winthrop Jane Seymour
Eppie Lucie Francis
Nancy Lammeter  Fiona Radford
Aaron Rob Richmond

John Bryant, Diana Barnsley, Jane Johnson,
Brenda Judd, Diane Mayall, Margaret Longes
Pam Patch, Linda Slater, Ann Staddon

Production Team

Sound & Lighting David Ames
Set construction Martin Allitt, Brian Cooper, Neil Mayall
Stephen Tickell, Julian Warner-Edney, Neil Williams
Set painting Alison and Brian Cooper
Costume & Props Alison Cooper
Make-up Julie Bickerdike
Front of House Virginia King
Programme & publicity  Stephen Tickell
Box Office Linda Slater

Review by Jon Fox on behalf of NODA

Photos by Mick Mercer