The Government Inspector

Performances: Betchworth Village Hall 11-14th May 2022

Director: Diane Mayall

First staged in 1836, The Government Inspector is a play set in Russia, written by Ukrainian-born Nikolai Gogol, but its themes are timeless and without geographical boundaries. Over nearly 200 years there have been numerous adaptations and interpretations, and the story even inspired an episode of Fawlty Towers ! Alistair Beaton’s hilarious translation brilliantly captures the dazzling blend of preposterous characters in their all too real situations.

In a small far flung back of nowhere town corruption is rife, with the mayor and his cronies filling their pockets at the expense of the downtrodden citizens but their comfortable situation is thrown into chaos and panic when word comes of an imminent visit by a government inspector ‘travelling incognito’. A classic case of mistaken identity ensues and the hapless officials fall victim to their own stupidity and greed.

 This amateur production of The Government Inspector is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French Ltd


Mayor Roger Nelson
Magistrate - Lyapkin-Tyapkin Amy Mager
Commisioner for Health - Zyemlyanika Gerald Hulf
Director of Education - Khlopov David Ames
Postmaster - Shpyopkin Lucy Hamilton
Doctor Hubner - Physician Ian Stone
Bobchinsky - Landowner Stephen Tickell
Dobchinsky - Landowner Tracey Hulf
Police Constable Linda Peckham
Police Superintendent Jane Khan
Anna - Mayor's wife Linda Slater
Marya - Mayor's daughter Vicki Hodges
Avdotya Lucy Hamilton
Osip Ian Stone
Khlestakov - a minor civil servant Neil Mayall
Waiter David Eccles
Mishka John Mole
Abdulin - Shopkeeper Diane Mayall
Shopkeepers Linda Peckham, David Eccles
Locksmith's Wife Jane Khan
Widow Julie Bickerdike
Khlopov's Wife Julie Bickerdike
Magistrate's Wife Linda Peckham
Korobkin Julian Edney
Rastakovsky John Mole
Gendarme David Eccles


Lighting David Ames, Lee Upton
Sound Amy Mager
Set Construction Julian Edney, Gerald Hulf, Tracey Hulf, Neil Mayall, Stephen Tickell, Neil Williams
Publicity Stephen Tickell
Programme Lucy Hamilton

Rehearsal Photos