The Sorcerer

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Production Team

Director Alison Cooper
Musical Director Ian Stone
Stage Manager Angela Terribile/Stephen Tickell
Lighting David Ames
Properties Alison Cooper, Angela Terribile
Front of House Peter Roberts
Set Design Alison Cooper
Set construction

Stephen Tickell, Martin Bryant, Julian Warner-Edney,
Robert Allwright, Virginia King

Set painting Sarah Esser, David Brown, Mary Grove, Pam Patch
Poster Design Alison Cooper, Georgina Bomer
Make-Up Julie Bickerdike
Wardrobe Alison Cooper
Box Office Linda Slater
Photos Tony Walters
Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre Peter Grove
Alexis Pointdextre his son Neil Williams
Dr Daly David Brown
Notary Jane Johnson
John Wellington Wells Peter Thomas
Lady Sangazure Pam Patch
Aline Sangazure her daughter Jenny Clarke
Mrs Partlet Sarah Esser
Constance Partlet her daughter Linda Slater
Deaf Old Man John Mole
Bell Ringers Jo Oliphant, Bernard Hawkins,
Barbara Hawkins, Alison Higgins
Villagers Robert Allwright, Julie Bickerdike, Martin Bryant,
Barbara Garton, Mary Grove, Brenda Judd,
Virginia King,Milos Machacek, Olivia Thompson,
Stephen Tickell, Dianne Walters, Julian Warner-Edney