The Yeomen of the Guard

Performances 11-14 November 2015

Director Virginia King
Musical Director Ian Stone
Sergeant Meryll Trevor Allen
Leonard Lloyd Walsh
Dame Carruthers Brenda Judd
Wilfred Colin Bousfield
Phoebe Jane Johnson
Lieutenant Peter Grove
Elsie Selena Hegarty
Jack Point David Longes
Fairfax Neil Williams
Kate Carolyn Burnley
1st Yeoman David Clark
2nd Yeoman Stephen Tickell
Yeomen Milos Machacek, Julian Warner-Edney
Villagers Pam Patch, Mary Grove, Margaret Longes, Carol Coslett
Stage Manager Stephen Tickell
Lighting David Ames
Front of House Julie Bickerdike
Set Design Gini King
Construction Stephen Tickell, Julian Warner-Edney, Neil Williams
Painting David Clark
Costumes Gini King (Yeomen by Lois Hatt)
Poster design Stephen Tickell
Photos Mick Mercer

Yeomen is perhaps the most emotionally engaging of the Savoy Operas, ending with a broken-hearted main character and two very reluctant engagements, rather than the usual numerous marriages. The libretto contains considerable humour, including many pun-laden one-liners, but Gilbert's trademark satire and topsy-turvy plot complications are subdued in comparison with the other Gilbert and Sullivan operas. The dialogue, though in prose, is quasi-Shakespearian, or early modern English, in style.

Many believe that the score is Sullivan's finest. Indeed, some enjoy Yeomen particularly because of its ever-changing emotional balance of joy and despair, love and sacrifice.

Photos by Mick Mercer