The Mikado

The Mikado, by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Betchworth Memorial Hall, 9-12 November 2022

Director: Trevor Allen

Musical Director: Ian Stone

The ninth and probably most enduringly popular collaboration between Gilbert & Sullivan, The Mikado ran for 672 performances after opening in 1885. Inspired by contemporary interest in Japanese culture, the exotic setting allowed Gilbert to disguise in the lyrics his pointed satirical attacks on British politics and institutions of the time

Cast (to be finalized)

Mikado Peter Thomas
Nanki-Poo Peter Telford
Ko-Ko David Longes
Pooh-Bah Colin Bousfield
Pish-Tush Stephen Tickell
Yum-Yum Jane Flanders
Pitti-Sing Linda Slater
Peep-Bo Jane Khan
Katisha Sarah Esser-Haswell

Lesley-Anne Clegg, Jane Johnson, Christina Usher,
Kathy Wilman, David Ames, Roger Clegg, David Eccles